Finding clients is about to be as easy as chatting with your best friend…

-Learn the secret of how to choose your business name, logo, website…
-Find the people who are already looking for you and need exactly what you offer!
-Grow your birth business authentically with your heart, and stop stressing about marketing

What Do I Get?

The “Who Needs You Most” workbook is for birth professionals (or Birth Guides, as I like to call us!) who dream of having a full schedule of the most awesome clients who you love to work with and who need exactly the birth or perinatal service that YOU provide!

It will help you create a clear, simple message about your service that resonates with exactly the people who are already desperately looking for you.

At the end of this FREE training, you’re going to have a clear message that attracts clients and a plan to find the people who will hire you once they hear your message!

Dropping the myth of serving everyone

I’m Ayelet, the founder and CEO of Birth Your Biz, business and marketing coaching for Birth Guides

I went into this work to help people and had the same struggle as you to find clients!
Until I realized (with the help of a coach!) that the reason people weren’t hiring me was because they didn’t know how I, specifically, could help them!

All the doulas were saying the same things and it was just going over their heads because it didn’t seem relevant to them. (“Educational, emotional, and physical support… sound familiar?)

So, as hard as it was, I put aside the idea that I wanted to serve every pregnant woman and started digging deep to find out who really were the people I wanted to serve.

What were my strengths, experiences, skills that could match with a specific set of people that really and truly needed exactly me to be their doula?

Once I got clear on that, I started getting hired!

And do you know what the coolest thing was? That “Ideal Client Profile” that I created, the one I was so scared of because I didn’t want to exclude anyone… that wasn’t the only type of person who hired me!

The moms I serve are so diverse, but they share one thing – my message resonated with them and they just knew I was the right doula for them!
That’s what I want for you! So hop into this free training workbook and I’m going to walk you through this every step of the way!

"Ayelet is inspiring, professional, driven, compassionate and brilliant at what she does! Every birth professional will benefit from her expertise and coaching!"

Chava B.

"Ayelet is kind, patient, understanding, and a fantastic coach! She knows and understands the birth professional business. Working with Ayelet will only serve to improve your understanding of business, your clientele, and yourself. You will gain so much from working with Ayelet."

Joanna J.

"When I started Ayelet's coaching program I didn't know how to market my business, how to speak about what I do, how to properly and professionally give a price quote, and I didn't push my self hard enough to do what was important for my success even if it was hard and uncomfortable. I just felt lost and I felt like I needed direction and someone to walk me through it."

Cincy K.